Ski stag ideas

Ski stag ideas shouldn’t just be limited to fancy dress and wearing ‘named T-shirts!’ It’s time to go the extra yard. We’ve been playing versions of ‘The Game’ for many years and now we’d like to share the fun with you. The rules can be adapted to your own friends but at least you’ll get the idea. Ski stag holidays combined with ‘The Game’ really bring on the banter and fun memories. #bestman #takenotes

Important notice

The Game is for adults only [18 years +]. Be respectful to people on the slopes. Do not in danger your friends or others on the slopes. Never drink alcohol before or during skiing. Anyone considering a ski stag do should appreciate they are losing liquid during the days exercise and should be topping up on water throughout the day and night. #skistagweekends

ski stag games


Master rules:

The groom must be referred to only as ‘baby girl’ for the whole ski stag trip. Every time his real name is used, an on the spot fine is given!  Each team must complete the following tasks. Each task must be captured on camera / phone to review at the end of the day. Teams can be 2 – 6 guys.

One point per each completed task:

  • Over paint your face with ‘high’ factor sun cream
  • Get a photograph with a group of girls
  • Sing loudly going down the green slope – ‘I am the one and only’ – by: Chesney Hawkes
  • Choreograph a 10 second dance routine
  • Make a snow angel, whilst crying like a baby
  • Stay on the chair lift to go back down
  • Break dance or Dad dance at a local bar
  • Ski poles or hands & fingers – on top of your head, and roar like a stag on heat
  • Final words of wisdom to the groom – ‘messages from the slopes!’
  • Build a snowman & then wrestle it to destruction


  • Winners control the kitty money
  • Special drinks for winning group
  • Winners can drink with both left and right hand
  • Winners don’t have to call the groom baby girl


  • Losers wear lipstick for the night
  • Losers wear wigs
  • Losers wear fake tan for the day or evening
  • Losers have to wear pink woolley hats all evening
  • Losers must speak in a ‘dutch’ accent for the rest of the evening
  • Losers pay double into the kitty
  • Losers have to kiss a girls feet
  • Losers wear Factor 50+ stick cream on their noses on the evening
  • Losers must do 10 star jumps on Grooms command
  • Losers must say ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’ film lines whilst ordering drinks

skiing stag competition



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