Cheap ski stag weekends

Budget is always going to be a hurdle when planning a ski stag do abroad. Apart from the destination and dates of travel, budget will be a key factor in the decision process.

Most likely the groom’s group of friends will be in various financial situations. From ‘cheapo’ Barry who thinks booking a Travelogue is living the high life to ‘silver spoon’ Henry who wouldn’t stay in a 5 star hotel without his bed being turned down twice daily.

So lets be clear! To be a successful best man you are not looking to book a cheap ski stag weekend. You are looking to book the RIGHT weekend. In this article, we have listed some very helpful planning insights to create the right ski weekend, regardless if its cheap or has the luxury trimmings.

how to plan a ski stag do very cheaply

8 secrets to planning a ski stag

  1. Speak to the groom, and find out the overall feeling of his friends financial status. Is a stag abroad realistic ?
  2. Don’t create an none affordable ski stag holiday that pushes the groom’s friends into saying no!
  3. Remember – cheap is not always bad! But its not always the ticket to success either.
  4. Early planning will help to save money on flights and to secure the best allocated hotels, close to the nightlife and ski lifts.
  5. Choose the right destination, by asking the right questions: How much is the beer? How’s the snowfall? What are the transfer times like? Club entry fees? Any lap dancing?
  6. How good is the apres ski. Are there strip clubs? Are there many pubs and clubs? Is it costly? What’s the price of beer there?
  7. Are there low cost airlines? If yes, just remember to book early. EasyJet, Wizz Air, Ryan Air, Jet2 – do not slash prices near the time of travel.
  8. Lastly, remember the Golden rule. No one at the wedding, remembers the price tag of the stag weekend. They only remember if the weekend was legendary or poorly planned.

skiing stag do

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