Saving money on ski weekends

Early planning
In pole position ‘Plan the stag do way in advance.’ Catch the flights seats as soon as they become available. This will save your friends between £60 – 100 per person – which is a huge chunk of change, because you took action early. Pick the best seats and upgrade to extra leg room on the return flight.

Off season discounts

We offer discounts to groups that book 10 to 12 months in advance of their departure dates. Also, booking the first weeked in April – is great in Krvavec. This award winning snow resort is found just outside the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, and offers an extended period of reliable snowfall perfect for a ski stag party.

Big groups

Economy of scale. The bigger your group booking, the cheaper the price can be. So don’t limit your invite list. Maybe invite Terry ‘the dead pigeon collecting guy’ you befriended last week in the Bulls Head. We say – “put the man to good purpose!”. Either way, our company always treats all sized groups with the same level of importance. Last season, our smallest group, were 6 guys from Colchester and the largest group was a mighty army of 65 guys from Liverpool. They both received 1-1 travel managers, and all had the local rep help during their stay.

Ski Resort

Choose the right destination. The most expensive snow-resorts are always in France, Italy and Austria. Yes, they offer the superior choice of ski runs, but ask yourslef – “Do you really need a huge network of pistes, that you can’t possibly cover in 2/3 days?” The answer is simply – no. Most likely, you’ll be staying for 2-4 nights, so a huge choice of ski runs is not necessarily needed. So with this in mind, what are the cheaper ski resort alternatives? Where are the cheap ski stag weekends then?! Simple and answer – “Go EAST!” Food and drink is half the price in comparison to rip off French & Austrian resorts. In Slovenia, you’ll be 2-3 Euros for a beer on the slopes. In France you’ll pay 8-12 Euros. This is true also when you’re off the slopes. Try buying a Jägerbomb & Red bull in France, and you’ll have a minor stroke. In Slovenia – its round after round of beers & spirits, without the fear of the kitty money disappearing too quickly. Slovenia and Bulgaria resorts have modern lift systems, and excellent snow reports! If budget is an issue, then head east!

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Apres ski

A bestman should always question – ‘How important is the apres ski to your friends?’ If they’re like my friends; red blooded, beer guzzling, fun loving chaps – then its going to be very important. Let’s not forget the word ‘stag’ either. The nightlife is going to be a crucial part to having a serious send off for the groom. In many ski resorts, there are only one or two nightclubs, which means a captured market – which basically means ‘we’ll hike the prices up during the ski season’! Here are some top tips to consider: Sofia, Riga and Ljubljana. All three are capital cities, offering a huge amount of urban nightlife and x-rated fun! What a perfect combination. City break, ski break, stag do! For those groups desperate to stay in the traditional ski resort, then consider places like Borovets or Bansko in Bulgaria. These Bulgarian resorts have fast-modern ski lifts, snow makers, excellent apres and come at half the price of the French resorts.


Where you are staying is one of the key factors to a holiday! Is the location safe and a quick walking distance to points of serious interest. If you are looking for cheap ski stag weekends, then please consider multi bed rooms [4-8 people per room]. Some multi rooms are single beds, some are bunk beds – this depends on the country and property. Before asking our travel managers to quote these dorm style rooms, its best to run the idea past the groom or your friends. For some people, staying in a triple room is as bad as putting fire ants in their bed sheets. But using hostels or multi rooms, can help bring the budget down. If you want swimming pools and spa facililites that dont cost the earth, then contact our ski reps about Borovets. All our accommodation options are tried and tested! Breakfast is always included in our packages, unless stated in your offer. We also pre-pay all your services before you travel, giving you 100% financial security.

Airport transfers

We can’t express this enough – don’t go cheap here! Please don’t be a school boy and think grabbing a cab at the airport upon arrival, will be enough for smooth transit. Getting from A to B is often overlooked by groups. It’s all very well gettting a £50 flight, but the transfer might be 3 hours! That’s a hefty taxi bill when there is only 8 of you travelling. Obviously to get into a position of higher altitude, a degree of driving has to be done, but there are alternatives. Ski stag slovenia is the classic example of this, where the ski resort is only 15 mins from the airport. So maximise the party time.

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Too cool for school

Ski schools can be very cheap – and alot of fun! Some of the very best instructors come from Slovenia and Bulgaria. Even better, the ski-schools in Eastern Europe are half the price of Italy, France and Austria. Another great way to offer the guys cheap ski stag weekends to book. So if some of your friends are being resistant to the idea of a ski break, purely because they’ve never skied, they should ‘fear’ no more.

Snow Virgins

None skier should put their worries to one side. Listen up bestmen, take note of this and make sure you inform the snow virgins not too panic. Firstly, they don’t need to bring or buy any personal ski equipment. We provide it all! Ski boots, snowboards, lift passes, poles, skis, transfers, the works. They can also rent ski clothes in most resorts. Remember – ASDA sells cheap clothing, and you can always put ‘can i borrow’ status on your facebook or twitter feed.

Low cost airlines

We’ve covered booking early, but remember there are other tips to make this skiing stag do cheap. Putting a bag into the hold will cost you around £20-£45 per bag depending on the airline. If the bestman pays for the bag hold, he can store all the guys aftershave, razors, liquids etc. The rest of the crew, can carry on and save some money on the flight charges. Remember to wear your ski jackets, and save the room in your carry on bags. Another great TOP TIP!

Golden rule

Cheap does not mean better. This is meant to be a legendary weekend, a seamless event, that you, the groom and the guys will remember fondly forever. Cutting the corners in the wrong places, is a disaster waiting to happen, and one that you can simply avoid. Last season, we had a desperate group of guys trying to jump onto our clients private transfer bus to the airport. These guys were hungover and stressed. Our guys were hungover and relaxed. Don’t take your friend’s last weekend of freedom for granted. Get it right first time. We do.

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